Finally, a BZFlag Server Tool!
This is a Web Interface (using PHP) to BZFS
It allows you to change your server settings from anywhere in the world
With internet access. It must be run on the same computer as your BZFlag Server
and it must be run in a UNIX operating system (unless you can find the tools "pidof" and "kill" for Wingblowz)

This was made in one night over the coarse of a few hours
Bugs are inevitable, and if you find one...
Fix it yourself!! If you can't, E-Mail me at
I havn't had time to revamp my webpage so, this is the only thing you get for now
Instructions are included, along with my sample map: "The Watch"

Only for UNIX Operating Systems
Changes Were Made To Yesterday's Release to add Oscillation Overthruster Support (oops)
Click Here To Download bzwebface.tar.gz (5.6kb)

Thanks for your interest in my project