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This is a challenging side-scroller where you, Jetpack Joe, are situated to collect all of the coins in every level
but be carefull because you can very easily run out of jetpack fuel if you use that bad-boy carelessly. You also have to
watch out for baddies and spikes too. The manouvers that you must perform in this game are very tricky, and sometimes
frustrating, so I recommend that if you find yourself frusterated to delete this game immediatly, the last thing I want is
for people to be stressed.


Three different worlds with three levels each!
Very challanging gameplay.
The graphics are all done with fonts! (it's my entry for AGDN's Font Hack)
Source Code Available (like always)
A Level Editor (you must change the sourcecode in order to play, but it's easy, E-Mail me if you need help)



Files Datafiles + DOS Binaries (563kb) Sourecode + Datafiles (127kb)