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A 3D Tank Free-for-all! Hook up with upto three friends (split-screen) or play solo.
The gameplay is almost completely up to you. Don't like trees? Get rid of 'em!
Want to have a million health points while the computer players only have one? Sure,
you can do that too! (I won't tell anyone) It's fun, it's OpenGL, it's Tank It!


Windows Binaries Now Available! for all those Other OS people.
(not so) Stunning 3D OpenGL Graphics!
Upto 4 Player Split-Screen
Fully Customizable
Fun (not too often you run accross a fun game!)
Source Code Available
Extremely Stupid Artificial Intelligence



Files v0.9 Windows Binaries + Datafiles (1.1Mb)
tankit_linux.tar.gz v0.95 Linux Binaries + Datafiles (1.1Mb)
tankit_src.tar.gz v0.95 Sourcecode Only (13.4kb)